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BMW Driver training:

Effectiveness and competence are the core determinants in every task we undertake, which is why we can give you a quality guarantee you can rely on. The benefit for you: personal safety from one of the top names in innovative automotive engineering.

The comprehensive BMW product and driver training program mes for high-security vehicles will help you master your vehicle handling skills.
High Security
High Security
A truly safe vehicle requires an expert driver who delivers the right skills at the crucial moment
- appropriate responseAbstandshalter
- safe vehicle handling in extreme situations, delivering advanced
  vehicle handling skills and the right tactical knowledge.
- safe vehicle handling on any surface or terrain.Abstandshalter
- experience with the different driving dynamics of every single type
  of vehicle and armouring.

BMW X5 Security Plus
State-of-the-art electronic control systems are instrumental in accident prevention.


Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology
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Despite considerable vehicle weight, our security vehicles feature powerful BMW engines and matching vehicle stability systems to deliver exceptional acceleration with a "head start" in safety.
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